June 3, 2009

Page Added: Black Stocking Parade

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Number one of this wonderful digest.

Pages Added: Bachelor & Diamond Stud

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I only have one issue each of Bachelor and Diamond Stud in this update, but I have additional issues, which I’ll post soon. Enjoy.

May 29, 2009

Page Added: Cloud 9

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More goodies from the Swingin’ Sixties, as we add Cloud 9 to the mix. It’s one of those Parliament/American Art Agency magazines that were everywhere at the time. Both magazines added feature African-American models, so check them out!

Adam Page Updated

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Our first magazines are here! (Yaaaaay!)

Check out the link to “adam” on the right-side column, and you’ll see four magazines. (Hey, it’s a start!) You may have seen them before, but they’re much easier to download now. Sorry for all of you with slow bandwidth, but I’ll work out something for you at a later date. For now, share and enjoy!